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I’m Jeff, a US Marine Veteran, but overall… basically just a regular guy from Massachusetts that’s a father and husband first and someone who is passionate about helping others. I have found the will and strong desire to change my life just by spreading the love.

One day, at the age of 29 I finally became tired of always being stressed about how I was going to make people love me. I began to educate myself and realized that I too could change the way I’m living.

The purpose of this blog (tinycomb.com) is to keep you guys update about my journey, what sacrifices, hurdles I face and how I successfully achieve my mission.

My Promise To You

  • I shall continue to write while being honest and true to you the reader.
  • I shall offer my advice and honest opinion as if you were my close friend or family member.

If you’re new here I suggest you start with the Start Here Page.

Please feel free to email me anytime with your story, any suggestions, questions, ideas, and tips which you think can help the blog readers.

While exploring, I hope you find this site helpful and enjoyable at the same time and again I thank you so much for stopping by.