Facebook Mobile Ads Showing Stellar Early Performance. Everyone Stay Calm

by Jason Wilk on June 19, 2012

Facebook has potential turned an important milestone today regarding mobile monetization. A new study out by TBG Digital shows that on a sample of 278,389,453 Sponsored Story ad impressions across 17 clients, mobile news feed Sponsored Stories have a very high click-through rate of 1.14% at a $0.86 CPC. This would put Facebook eCPM at around $9.86, an extremely high number for mobile which has typically been thought to be unmonetizable.

Sponsored Stories are also an ad product for the web, and show an average CTR of 0.588% and generates an eCPM of $3.72. The numbers broken down below (thanks to TechCrunch for the image)

My take on this is that the product is brand new to users. Don’t forget that the first display ads ever seen on the web attracted a CTR of over 50%. Now a day, if you have a CTR over .04% on your display ads, you are accused of fraud. From the mobile ads I have seen on Facebook so far, they are both sexy and seem to be promoting fairly attractive offers. Let’s let the hype die down until the entire Facebook mobile ecosystem has had a chance to tire of the ads before we make a true judgement on whether or not this is working.



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