Apple Comes Clean, Jobs Says Carbon Accounting Needs To Change

by David Heyerman on September 28, 2009


  • Steve Jobs wants to change the way companies’ environmental records are calculated.
  • For the first time, he’s spilled the beans on exactly what Apple’s carbon footprint is: 10.2 million tons per year.
  • This may seem like a huge number when compared to other tech industry front runners like HP (8.4 million tons) and Dell (471,000 tons).
  • What the difference?  Apple’s not only taking into account the emissions from manufacturing, they’re also adding the carbon emitted when consumers use their products.  Apple’s competitors rarely take this important aspect into account when sharing their emission numbers.
  • In a recent interview by Business Week, Steve Jobs had this to say:

A lot of companies publish how green their building is, but it doesn’t matter if you’re shipping millions of power-hungry products with toxic chemicals in them. . . It’s like asking a cigarette company how green their office is.

  • He brings up a great point.  Let’s keep the numbers honest.  Well done Steve, you’re putting us all on a better road to the future.

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