The People & The Environment Want 3-day Weekends!

by David Heyerman on September 14, 2009


  • Who would have thought that Utah, of all the states, might just have the right idea to spread happiness across the US workforce and subsequently cause gigantic energy savings across the country.  What is the solution you might ask?  3 DAY WEEKENDS!
  • About a year ago, Utah governor, John Huntman released the Working 4 Utah initiative.  The effort put 17,000 of the 24,000 executive branch employees on a 4 day a week, 10 hour per day schedule.
  • The year has passed and the data is in, and it’s awesome.  Here are the just some of the many positive effects it is having on their society:
  1. Energy in Utah has been cut by 13%, shrinking their carbon footprint by 6,000 metric tons.
  2. Only 9 months into the program, Utah had saved $1.8 million from their budget.
  3. A survey found 82% of the employees prefer the 4-day week schedule. It also showed “decreased health complaints, less stress and [taking] fewer sick days”.  Even customer complaints at the DMW are down.
  4. Traffic has been dramatically decreased, plus with 10 hour work days, rush hour gets thinned out.
  5. Commuting savings alone are expected to be in between $5 and $6 million per year.
  • Sounds pretty amazing huh? I agree, and so do other places.  So far, El Paso, Texas and Melbourne Beach, Florida are launching their own programs.  Even a GM plant in Ohio is making the switch.
  • Can you even imagine the savings of getting a state like New York, or California on a plan like this?  Well, let’s do it!

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