Amazon To Release Large Screen Newspaper And Texbook Kindle

by Jason Wilk on May 4, 2009


  • Amazon is holding yet another press conference regarding the next generation of the Kindle. The last time Amazon  held a press conference in New York City was in February, when it introduced the Kindle 2.0. Now the company has scheduled another one for Wednesday morning at Pace University in Manhattan.
  • It’s almost a guarantee the event revolves around Amazon’s new large screen Kindle. It is already publicly knowledge that they are partnered with the New York Times on the project, which is going to attempt to revitalize the dying newspaper industry among other things. What I have yet to see covered on other blogs thus far is the duality of this device. Just as important as the newspaper partners are the Text Book publishing houses, who have been interested in the idea of a larger screen electronic device since word started to spread last year. The revenue associated with text books is far more compelling than what just an electronic newspaper device can bring in. Amazon currently sells a subscription to the Times for $14 a month. That version has fewer features than the paper’s free Web site–no video, no color photography, and just one update a day. In February, the paper said Kindle subscriptions were a “modest” business (AllThingsDigital).
  • One set back to the launch of this new device is increased competition compared to what the original Kindle had to deal with.  News Corp. (NWS) is said to be building one, and world renowned publisher, Hearst, is already working on its own. Alternatively, there are many other smaller players attempting to do the same thing.
  • Will these devices help save the newspaper industry or is this just a last chance effort that won’t work?

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