Google Not Buying Twitter. But Here’s How It’d Look

by Jason Wilk on April 3, 2009


  • Last night, supposed sources including TechCrunch reported that Google is in the late stages of an acquisition to buy Twitter. The news is far from the truth. Google and Twitter [according to Marissa Mayer] have been meeting, however only to  figure out better ways to crawl the real-time updates coming out of the popular Micro-blog service. Twitter is largely thought to be valuable due its ‘real-time’ search prowess that Google can’t compete with at the moment. Everytime there are so-called important events, such as an earthquake in San Francisco, Twitter traffic goes wild due to those checking it to see what others have said. It would take Google far longer to crawl a news story about the earthquake and then index it in its Google News section. (The above image would most likely be how the two companies would fit together)

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