Yahoo Expands Its Newspaper Partners

by Jason Wilk on March 9, 2009

  • Yahoo announced a partnership today with The Boston Globe and the St. Petersburg Times, in an effort to grow its business of monetizing the print industry. Yahoo focuses on helping newspapers get more traffic to their Websites by doing things like showing article headlines from partner newspapers across Yahoo-owned properties. Last year alone, Yahoo helped drive 150 million click-throughs to news partners. Yahoo now represents 38 media companies, totaling 793 newspapers, up from 635 newspaper partners a year ago.
  • Others ways Yahoo is making money from the newspapers is from it’s job site, HotJobs, which is being used by 600 of those newspaper Webistes. Yahoo also helps 120 of the newspapers with online ad management, through its Apt ad management system, which allows the newspapers to tap into Yahoo’s advertising inventory when they cannot sell the the inventory themselves. Although newspapers are a dying breed, this is at least some good news coming out of Yahoo. Keep churning out those positive stories Bartz, your investors need some good news.

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