Nissan: Killin’ It With Electric Cars

by David Heyerman on November 20, 2008


  • Nissan’s been making serious moves lately in the electric car scene.
  • They announced their next generation of environmental vehicles back in August, which they plan to supply to the US by 2010, and globally by 2012.
  • They’ve already partnered to provide electric vehicles to esteemed San Francisco startup, Project Better Place, who just announced today they’ll be building a $1 billion car charging network in the Bay Area.
  • Nissan’s president and CEO, Carolos Ghosn, recently made a trip to China, where the company plans to supply electric vehicles by 2012.
  • Just yesterday, Nissan announced they will develop an electric vehicle charging network in partnership with the state of Oregon and utility, Portland General Electric.
  • It’s been an incredibly exciting day for everyone into the cleantech car scene, even more exciting for those living within the San Francisco and Portland metropolitan areas.  It seems to me that Nissan has been either lightly or heavily involved with most of the recent buzz.  Will these moves position Nissan to dominate the cleantech car industry, or will other manufacturers, ie Toyota, Honda easily catch up?

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